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Why Advertise on Facebook for Book Promos

If at all you are an author and have not started making use of Facebook ads for your advertising needs, then you need to know of the fact that you are doing yourself a great disservice. In this post, we will be taking a particular look at the benefits that come with Facebook ads and certainly at the end of the post, you can be sure to make that move to use Facebook ads for your book promo needs if at all you’ve never given this some serious thought.

Before we finally jump to this, it would benefit to highlight some facts on Facebook ads for authors. By far and large, such promotional service such as from Amazon, BookHub and the like have really been helpful and effective for a number of the authors out there when it came to the need to spread word out there about their pieces of literary works. This be as it is, there are quite a number of the authors, seasoned as they are, who have sure confessed the fact that a good portion of their success in so far as book promos go has been in their ability to turn a profit out of the use of the Facebook ads.

Certainly, there are quite a number of the advertising options that as an author you must have already tried a hand in. This said and done, if at all you’ve ever tried these out, you are quite familiar with the fact that it really gets challenging to get accepted on sites such as BookHub and the other sites for book advertising that can have some meaningful impact on your life as a book author. For instance, you will realize that such sites as BookHub Ads, not the featured deals, will only be fine for your needs where you happen to be giving something away for free or running very cheap promos like those going for less than a dollar. This is one thing that stands a fact and a number of authors know of it, many still in a search of the ways that they can really get to make BookHub Ads work as great for them while selling books at full price.

There are still the other alternatives that you may be thinking of such as the Amazon Ads which may work yes, but the reality is that they happen to be quite inconsistent and will be too time consuming as they require a lot of hours spent on them in keyword research for the results to pay off at the end of the day, perchance. Here are some of the benefits of Facebook Ads and why you should consider them.

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