Hot Baseball And Football Cards – Collector’s Favourite

This article talks about hot baseball cards and football cards and how one can change a mere hobby into a passion even as adults.

Collecting sports cards, especially hot football cards or hot football cards has been a hobby among sports fans since a very long time. As kids, most of us enjoyed buying these collectible cards on frequent occasions. But, as adults lots of us would have invested in some rare collections of sports memorabilia because we could afford it. From being a mere hobby, sports card collecting is turning out to be a serious affair among many sports enthusiasts.

In terms of numbers, hot football cards are the second most collected sports cards after hot baseball cards. Today, with specialized stores selling sports memorabilia and other collectibles, sports fans have much to look forward to than one can imagine. Over the years, this business has only been rising. Some sports collections come in huge packs which contain an assortment of individual player cards and team sets as well. By spending as little as a few dollars, you can start your collection and this childhood hobby can turn into a lifetime passion. Even before you realize it, you could have accumulated a sizable collection that could probably fetch you a good price in the market, particularly if they are in good shape and condition.

Today, collecting hot baseball cards and hot football cards has become almost an obsession among both kids and adults. The presence of high end versions of these collectibles and other memorabilia has caught the attention of kids who go to specialty stores with their parents. Some high end cards also cater to the interests of adults and companies have started taking advantage of these demands to create a niche market. Because of these high end versions of hot baseball cards and hot football cards, the grading process has also become a major concern for collectors. Earlier, kids would be satisfied with lesser standard cards. But now both kids and adults have become very conscious of the cards they collect and go for only quality brands.

A price guide will help you determine what your hot baseball cards and hot football cards are worth in the market. There are a lot of auction sites online that provide buyer and seller guides. While dealing online, be wary of phoney cards. Buy from a dealer with whom you have a comfort level.

No two collections of hot baseball cards and hot football cards are the same. Each sports card collection is very personal and echoes the personality of the collector.

How to Sell Hot Dogs at Baseball Games, Concerts and Other Events

One of the greatest business opportunities for hot dog stand operators is to make relationships with event organizers. If you can get a concession to have your hot dog stand at a large sports event, carnival or rock concert then you have an opportunity to make profits that are typically way better than you would expect from a daily road side operation.

At such events and shows you will have access to a huge, hungry market. It is also likely that people attending the event will not have a lot of other options for getting a snack or a meal. Sure there may be other concession stands at an event but in general you have a captive audience. People are unlikely to leave a concert, show or baseball game to go outside and look for an alternative. So you can usually get away with pricing your hot dogs a little higher than you would in a normal selling environment.

However, running a stand at a busy event can be challenging and is quite different from a normal street side location. You will probably be paying a fair bit for the concession so you have to make the most of the opportunity. Here are some tips on selling hot dogs at busy events.

A Concession Agreement

Once an event organizer or concert promoter has agreed to let you set up your stand at their event it always pays to get the details down on paper into some form of agreement. Both parties should know where they stand so that there is no confusion.

Make sure that you cover event dates and times as well as specifying your location, access and use of facilities. Visit the site beforehand if possible.

Try to get the organizer to give guarantees as to event attendance and the number of other food vendors that will be granted concessions. The event organizer may require you to stay for a specific time and may have other stipulations.

Understanding Market Needs

Depending on the kind of event that you will be attending you may decide to make alterations to your menu. You might offer hot tea to a crowd at a daytime trade show and offer cold beer to attendees at an evening rock festival.

Don’t forget to take the weather into account. If it looks like the day is going to be exceptionally warm then throw in some extra cases of soda and bottled water.

Menu Considerations

Try to keep your menu as simple as possible. In your regular day to day operation you may have time to discuss orders and prepare a wide variety of products. However, when you are serving a large crowd you want to be as quick as possible in terms of both taking orders and preparing them. A simple menu will avoid mistakes and customer questions and it will help you to simplify stock requirements.

Necessary Employees

Make sure that you have enough staff on hand to keep up with orders. In an environment with high volume sales you will need at least two workers on each hot dog stand and possibly more. With two employees on a stand it is common to have one taking orders while the other prepares hot dogs. You may also find that you need one staff member to tend the stand while one dashes off to get urgent supplies.

Smart Pricing

If you have attended other events in your area you should have a fair idea of what kind of price you can command for a hot dog at an event. People will expect to pay more than usual when they attend a concert or sports game but they still don’t like being ripped off so keep it realistic.

Try to round off your prices to even amounts. Four dollars is much more convenient than $3.99 for example. Make it easy for your staff to quickly count customer payments and change. Take lot’s of change as many people will only be carrying large notes and will want to make a purchase with a twenty, or even a hundred dollar bill.

Efficiency and Systems

When you are serving hot dogs to crowds of people you really have to focus on efficiency and productivity. Go over the process with staff beforehand and make sure that there is no double handling or wasted time.

There are lots of little tricks that concession stand vendors have discovered for handling crowds. One excellent way to keep your lines short is to set up a separate line for beverages as these orders can be completed quickly.

Running a stand at an event is a completely different game compared with operating a roadside hot dog stand. Opportunities to make exceptional profits are there at such events so you must know how to run an efficient business that maximizes sales. You also need to prove that you business is professional and pleasant to deal with and then event organizers will want to have you back next time.