How To Sell Sports Cards on eBay For Big Profits

A great number of the people that collect sports cards are also interested in selling them. If you have ever tried selling them on eBay, then you may have been quite disappointed at the profit margins. What you may need to consider is if you are selling the right types of cards, as well as if you are paying too much for the cards that you are listing.

Packs and Boxes

There is little doubt that packs and boxes are extremely fun to open. However, these may not be your best bet in terms of resale value. Unless you pull the “big” insert, you may be left with a handful of cards that are worth only a few dollars each, and plenty of commons that will only be valuable to set builders and collectors of specific teams or players. Boxes and packs are similar to gambling in that you are merely taking a chance that you will get a return on your investment.


Another option would be to purchase individual cards that you can hopefully sell for more than you paid. The problem with this is that often times the cost of the card once shipping is added in renders it a bad deal. Should you decide to sell the card on an auction website, you may incur listing fees, which will further decrease your potential for profit. Unless you are certain that you can make a nice profit, shy away from singles for resale.

Sports Card Lots

Sports card lots offer you the highest profit potential. Lots are cards that are grouped together by a seller, and then sold all at once. Be on the lookout for lots that are made up of the cards that collectors consider the most desirable. Inserts, autographs, game used, and graded cards are always hot sellers. Shy away from lots that are made up mainly of commons, as there is very little profit, if any, to be made from these.

The Art of Selling

You may need to spend some time promoting your own listings. With millions of sports cards listed for sale online each day, you cannot rely solely on luck. Many sports related message boards will allow you to link to your auctions in your signature section. You can also make use of social media in order to spread the word about your listings. A hot card will indeed sell itself. However, do keep in mind that a small amount of promotion will go a long way.