Different Types of Cancer Screening from Pathway Genomics

Genetic testing for cancer is constantly improving. Early detection, monitoring cells, and performing hereditary cancer tests can make a significant difference in medical science. Processes of developing treatments, increasing survival rates, and moving toward a cure are all advancing quickly because of DNA testing.

Types of DNA tests for Cancer

Hereditary tests indicate if the family member has a predisposition for developing cancer. It is often recommended to those with cancer in their family medical history. The results can inform the doctor regarding how often to do screenings and when to repeat the test.

It also can help individuals take steps to decrease their chances of getting cancer. Quitting smoking, for example, is wise. Maintaining a healthy weight, and eating foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants will help as well. The individual may decide to grow organic vegetables, follow a vegan diet, or begin an exercise program.


Taking biopsies …

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